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North West insulations are leading providers of insulation in Donegal and throughout the surrounding area. With over 25 years in business, we have a wealth of experience in offering the best available products and services in insulation in Donegal to a wide range of customers from across both the domestic and the commercial markets.

North West Insulation specialise in providing money saving insulation solutions for homes and businesses throughout Donegal and the surrounding area. We help our customers to cope with the ever increasing cost of fuel by installing “Warmfill Silver Lining”, a specially designed form of insulation which is tailored to provide cost effective solutions to the increasing demands of a modern, energy conscious community.

Over our many years of successful business we have built a firm reputation as one of the leading providers of insulation in Donegal and through the surrounding area, and we are fully committed to maintaining and building this reputation through the provision of top quality services. All the services offered by North west insulation are guaranteed to be carried out by experienced and competent professionals who can offer both excellent service as well as reliable advice on every aspect of insulating your home or business premises.

Save Energy = Save Money

The energy consumed in heating homes, offies and factories accounts for the major proportion of all the nations energy production.

In a typical home, 35% of our domestic heat is lost and wasted through uninsulated cavity walls.New Building regulations introduced by the Government have called for an increase in the amount of insulation fitted in all new homes to cut heat loss, reduce energy consumption and help conserve the worlds natural resources.

  Warmfill Silver Bead is the latest development by the Instagroup in their range of cavity insultation products. Warmfill Silver Bead has been designed to meet the ever-increasing demands of an energy conscious community and to provide increased comfort levels in the home, while saving money on fuel bills. Warmfill Silver is a purpose-made expanded polystyrene for cavity wall insulation. It is manufactured under strict quality control to produce a finished bead of a predetermined density. Once installed in the cavity wall, Instabead forms an insultative barrier which reduces the rate at which heat escapes through the wall. This allows the heating to be turned down without losing out on comfort and maintains a constant temperature throughout the home. One of the benefits of this is to help eliminate condensation.